iOS is an originally iPhone operating system created and developed by Apple it is initially released in June 29, 2007 uses in mobile phone like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS mobile app market is lucrative market in order to beat the market the client have an appropriate mobile app with right functionality, right rollout and right support. We at RVS are dedicated to provide client’s the best possible solution.

We provide our clients high quality services related to iPhone development. We professionally work on iPhone Apps Development and design and implement software that perfectly works on this device, and we make sure that your web site content is accessible via iPhone. We can modify your present applications to make them iPhone compatible. So no more you should worry about being iPhone friendly?

We have a professional team specializing in development of iPhone application, and we work steadily. We provide numerous services from its evaluation to iPhone software full development projects. While working with various clients our company has gathered high tech skills and OS X programming background along with the use of frameworks that is crucial for development of iPhone software and best app for iPhone. We have successfully performed projects and with our satisfied clients we guarantee’s that you will appreciate our quality work.

Area of RVS expertise:

Mac Machines

  • iPad APP
  • iPhone SDK
  • Xcode 3.2.5
  • iOS 5, 6
  • Simulators
  • UI & Prototype Design

iPad Tablet App

  • Web Safari Applications
  • GPS enabled Applications
  • Multi touch interface

RVS iPhone App Development Include:

  • iPhone Software Development
  • Custom mobile App Development
  • Web Service Integration
  • Migration development
  • Up gradation services
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Widget Development
  • Porting Solution
  • Social Networking App Development
  • M-commerce Solution Development
  • Theme, Mock, Icon Designing
  • Business and Sales Application Development
  • SDK Development
  • Travelling with Navigation iPhone app development
  • Weather iPhone App Development
  • JSON iPhone Development
  • Maintaining services
  • Testing

iPhone development app tools:

1: Xamarin: Xamarin is the best available cross platform developer tool. It is used to create iOS, Android, Mac and Windows applications. The basis features are:

  • Easy sharing code to across the platforms
  • Facility to compile the code based on the C# their native application.
  • Facility to use the Java API, objective-C from C#
  • VS Plugin is available for the Windows
  • Pre built components for quick and fast development
  • Integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac

2: Sencha: It is used to create the mobile app based on the HTML for the iOS, Android and windows devices. Sencha is a user interface java script library/framework specially built for the mobile web. It is use to develop UI for mobile web applications that look & feel like native applications on supported mobile devices. Sencha is fully based on web standards like HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. The basis features are:

  • High-Performance, UI Widgets
  • Animation, Adaptive Layouts and Smooth Scrolling
  • Mobile charting package
  • Device Features and Native Packaging
  • Backend Agnostic Data Package
  • Best web app framework for high level web applications
  • Easily scales to different resolutions for good compatibility with different iPhones, iPad, Android phones.
  • Higher flexibility of HTML5 and CSS
  • Great support for animations and enhanced touch events

3: PhoneGap: It is a free and open source framework that allow to create mobile app using standardized web APIs for the platform you care. Allow to create app by translating the web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Basic features are:

  • Take advantage of the strengths of PhoneGap
  • Multiple platforms supportive.
  • Work together.
  • Fast deployment cycle.
  • Easily share your apps.

Other iPhone development app tools:

  • CSS3, HTML 5
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • ExtJS
  • Node
  • Backbone
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Offline DB : SQLite, Ultralite, RDBMS GoogleGears, SQL Cipher