File Management System is an application to view and track the movement of any file right from its generation. All the physical movement of the file from one user to another will be captured through this system. It keeps a track of Receipts/Letters also. Using this system user can keep a track of all files & can take permitted actions on that file e.g. Open File, Close File and much more.

File Management System comprises of the following modules:

  • Administration Management
  • File Management System
  • Receipt Management System

Administration Management:

In this module an administrator will have rights to manage Users, Roles, Passwords, Designation, Category, Reason, Status and Permissions for various modules of the applications. Admin can control all the following modules:

  • Manage Role
  • Manage User
  • Manage Section
  • Manage Designation
  • Manage Division

File Management System:

This module is for the creation of a file & keep a track of it. Any officer with file opening rights can create a file and/or can make necessary changes to it. A marked File can be attached to any receipt. Movement of a file can be tracked using this module. Following are the actions that can be performed:

  • Create Main File
  • Search File
  • Edit Main File
  • Merge File
  • File Movement Register

Receipt Management System:

This module is for the management of the receipts that have received to a department. These receipts can be created based on the hard copy being received at the department. An officer can perform the following operations:

  • Create Receipt
  • Search Receipt
  • Merge/unmerge Receipt
  • Edit Receipt