Reservation roster is an application to determine the reservation of posts in a cadre for different categories with reference to the applicable percentage of reservation. The application draws the Reservation Roster(s) by earmarking each post for one or the other category and also helps to determine the category by which the post, which has fallen vacant, is to be filled up.

Following are the salient features of Reservation Roster:

  • Roster Creation
  • Roster Operation
  • Roster Implementation
  • Report Generation

Roster Creation:

This application is for the reservation against any number of posts of which the cadre presently exists. For creation of Roster the application calculates number of points & number of rosters that are required in each roster based on some given inputs & then the application draws respective rosters. Earmarking the roster takes all rules and logics into consideration as updated for latest notifications for Post based Roster system. In roster creation, Squeezing also comes into picture if all reserved categories are not obtaining their respective quota of posts. Depending upon cadre strength, the Roster application decides whether to draw L shaped roster or standard roster.

Roster Operation:

This application allows user to vacate the posts and assists in determining the category by which the vacancies need to be filled, arising in a particular recruitment year using certain rules. Application has the facility to track Shortfall, Carry forward & backlog posts for each year.

Roster Implementation:

This application provides facility to implement the roster i.e. plotting the incumbents in the roster as and when required. Application keeps a record of all the incumbents in each roster.

Report Generation:

The application’s search engine is highly optimized and provides quick retrieval of data for report generation and other purposes. The criterion for searching not only includes basic fields, but also incorporates additional search fields as per the requirement of department.

The application data repository and search engine combine to provide a very department-specific Report Generation System. The reports include standard reports such as all the detailed category wise report. The reports also include advanced reports which are customized as per the needs of the department.

The reports would also not been limited to static or pre-defined reports but the user would be able to dynamic report i.e. the fields to be included in the report can be decided by the user himself. The reports generated can be exported to Excel, Word, PDF and other popular file formats depending on the needs of the department or be printed directly.