We at RVS have developed many e-Governance projects in various domains like the ministry of defence, Finance, Agriculture, Social Welfare and many more since inception. We are a product based company that is involved in implementing end-to-end e-governance product based solutions at various levels of government organizations. We believe that e-governance is about understanding the government domain, bringing about a cultural change and using technology as an enabler to help governments achieve better performance.

We have with a smooth blend of domain knowledge and technology competency brings about this transition, which encompass the ability to use resources and digital technologies in new ways in order to maximize connectivity, enhance productivity and delight the customer.

The largest business entity in most countries is government. To make this entity efficient, we need to automate the internal workflow and empower every employee to provide high value service to the citizens. We have readily available product and services that addresses this fundamental requirement and acts as a foundation for various G2C, G2G and G2B initiatives. Without this foundation, initiatives in the e-Gov space would lack continuity and connectivity from external to internal processes. This would affect the sustainability of e-GoV projects in the long run.

The products will e-enable every Government office in India. The product architecture is based on standards, and is flexible to accommodate future changes and most importantly is interoperable.