Dear All, Daily work management, which is also called Routine Management, is a management system which will enable us to sustain and improve our output. It is a system management Read More

What is DWM? Daily Work Management is the management of routine processes by discovering abnormalities taking counter measures and preventing their recurrence. Daily work management is the management of those Read More

In this issue, I am going to share my thoughts on changing our mind-set and I call this as ‘modernization of mind’. We do modernize our workplace, factory by upgrading Read More

The most important element of implementing 5S or for that matter any new initiative is training for all to build the understanding and awareness of the concept and its usefulness. Read More

For any Organism to survive, the rate of learning must at least be equal to or greater than the rate of change in the external business environment. Dinosaur and crocodile Read More

Workplace are like living organisms. The healthiest organisms move and change in a flexible relationship with their environment. As living organisms, if factories do not adapt to their changing environment, Read More