We handle Pan India repairs for mobility devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and other turnkey products. Most of the brands outsource their warranty to our network across the country.

If your mobile phone is not working but there’s no obvious damage, you might find the solution in our self-help section on this website. However, if you think your phone has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems.

Advantages that we give to the customer:

  1. We provide to the customer a lower warranty management cost through scale effects.
  2. We help in providing a better customer experience through a proper Quality Assurance and a stable process.
  3. We pride ourselves with a improved repair quality and hence therefore reduce bounce rate.
  4. Stable and improved turnaround times
  5. Trusted and certified service partner network across India.

We have the following levels of repair – L0, L1, L2, L3 and L4 repair levels, where the following is the definition of repair

Level of Repair Definition
Level 0 Issuing DOA Certificate, Accessories Replacement
Level 1 Software upgrading, Escalation to Higher level, Parts cleaning
Level 2 Replacement of LCD, Camera, Lens, and Key pad Dome, Mic., Ringer, Speaker, Flash LED, and Antenna (Mechanical).
Level 3 Replacement of LCD (multi point solder type), Charging Connector (multi point solder type
Level 4 Main board Replacement, Oscillators, Tunner, FM IC, Charging IC, FM IC., I/O IC.