Our refurbishment teams perform cosmetic replacement, repairs and software upgrades to make goods ‘as-new’ both aesthetically or mechanically. This includes the following things that we do to ensure a good service within the refurbishment  process

This includes:

  1. Content check
  2. Complete Format
  3. Functionality test
  4. Cosmetic check
  5. Repair
  6. Replacement as required on parts and on the aesthetics.
  7. Software upgrade and content loading as required.

Once we test the entire batch that has come in for refurbishment we provide the brand / OEM with a quote that would include all the services that are mentioned above.

  1. Conduct a full inspection
  2. Provide you with a quote based on the work required and also provide you with any options of extra customisation
  3. Once the work is agreed we then start the refurbishment process
  4. Once completed it undergoes our full test cycle
  5. Once it has passed our quality checks we then dispatch this back to you