Small Cell Solutions (3G/4G)

Now days Increased data user and Best Quality services demands on the Network, Telecom Operators are investing in small cell solutions to Get better bussiness services on mobile devices across 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi Net.

Rv Design Team understand this requirement And For Fill The Gap Developed Innovative our outdoor Small Cell is best solution to Enhance the Network Capacity & speed in particular Areas in specific directions.

This Solutions apply architectural inovation to networking and easy to Install on sites.

SCS Category Solutions:

  • Small Cell Solutions (3g/4g)
  • Ac Duct Solutions
  • Water Tank Solutions-

Design Features:

  • Suitable size of scs for site
  • Decrative Radom cover avaialble in Pole/pillar type
  • Very Cool Color Design
  • The cabinet is splicing type cabinet, with one front doors
  • For Cabinet Cooling Two Fan Provide


  • The door sensor function is automatically alarm activated when the door is open,
  • Easy to install on site pole or pillar