RF Product & Accessories

We offers the complete range of passive components for RF and microwave comprising of antennas, filters, duplexers, splitters, couplers, cables & pigtails, connectors to Installation Material.

  • Antennas
  • Coupler & Splitters
  • Duplexers
  • Filters
  • Diplexer & Triplexer


  • Antenna products for CDMA, GSM, CDMA+GSM (Dual Band), ISM
  • Grid Parabolic Antenna
  • Patch Panel Antenna
  • Omni Antenna
  • Ceiling Omni Antenna
  • Yagi Antenna
  • Whip Antenna

Couplers & Splitters:

  • Splitters
  • Coupler
  • Hybrid Couplers

A Splitter is designed to reduce Loss and From surge damage so that each connection is Safe and stable. They are used for several broadband products from the same signal source, at the same time.


These splitter allow operation across the range from 800 MHz to 2500 MHz making them suitable for Use in the distribution of multiple operators signal into buildings and tunnels. Following are the applications.

  • Radiating cable networks
  • Computer system
  • Feeder combining,splitting
  • Testing


  • Available in 2,3,4 way
  • High Power
  • Good VSWR
  • Dual band (800-2500 Mhz)


  • Bandpass Duplexers for Internal use in Digital UHF/Microwave Radios
  • Band Reject UHF/UHF Compact Mobile Duplexers


Filters selectively pass, by frequency, desired signals and suppress undesired signals and insertion loss and phase shift encountered by a signal passing through the filter is a function of the filter design. RF filter types include band pass, band reject, low pass and high pass.


Design to achieve specs in minimum possible size, Minimum ripple and phase noise Custom connectors and size constraints.

  • Low Pass Filters
  • High Pass Filters
  • Band Pass Filters
  • Duplex Filters


These models have feature low insertion loss, high symmetrical isolation and excellent stability in a small and mechanically robust package. Diplexer is a solutions to allow the combine of two different frequency bands on the common output (antenna). Temperature compensation is achieved through superior cavity design and the careful selection of construction materials.


  • Ideal for dual band cellular networks.
  • Common antenna sharing.
  • Excellent isolation.
  • Convenient mounting.
  • Choice of connector SMA, BNC, TNC and UHF.
  • Product Range Available.

Diplexer (890-960/1710-1880) Mhz
Triplexer (890-960/1680-1800/2400-2500) Mhz