Unlock CAPEX Savings and Environmental Impact with RV Solutions

Are you searching for innovative ways to trim CAPEX costs while making a positive environmental contribution? Look no further! At RV Solutions, we specialize in giving your old or faulty equipment a new lease on life.

Here’s how we do it:

Equipment Revival: We breathe new life into your existing infrastructure. Our expert technicians meticulously repair and refurbish RAN & Transmission (TX) Equipment, Enterprise Equipment, and Passive Equipment, ensuring they’re ready for extended service in your network.

Sustainable Redeployment: We go a step further by offering cost-effective consumables for the redeployment of your repaired telecom equipment. From essential cables and connectors to RF & IBS accessories, we’ve got you covered.


Our Customized Consumable for RAN/MW Includes:

  • Cable: Feeder, Jumper, IF, Optical cable, CPRI & cat6/Cat7 Cable
  • Connectors: RRU/BBU/MU Power Connector, RF Connector.
  • RF & IBS Accessories: Antenna, Splitter, Dummy load, Combiner, Adaptor
  • Installation Material: Tie, Weather-proof butyl, Tape, Conduit pipe
  • Mechanical Accessories: GSM, MW, RRU Clamp, Adaptor & Accessories
  • Power Cable

Join us in making a sustainable impact on the environment while optimizing your CAPEX expenditure. Let’s work together for a greener, cost-efficient future. Contact RV Solutions today!