Growth, Recognition, and Unity: Highlights from our ‘Lakshya’ Annual Conclave 2024

In a dynamic world where change is the only constant, staying aligned with our goals and fostering a spirit of unity is paramount. Our recent Annual Conclave Meeting, themed ‘Lakshya,’ achieved just that. It brought together our Pan India team for a day of profound inspiration, strategic alignment, and, of course, a lot of fun.

The event served as a platform for our business heads to share the progress made in the financial year 2023-24 and to outline our strategic plans for the upcoming year, FY 2024-25. This year has been pivotal for us, marked by remarkable achievements and milestones. Our commitment to growth and excellence was evident in every presentation and discussion.

Moreover, the Conclave provided a unique opportunity for our team to gain insights from esteemed industry leaders. Ms. Alka Selot Asthana and Mr. Sudipto Ghosh, renowned figures in telecommunications and service excellence, respectively, shared invaluable wisdom and experiences. Their insights not only broadened our perspective but also inspired us to strive for greater heights.

RV Annual Conclave 2024
Sudipto Ghosh (Left), Alka Asthana (Center), Vandana Seth-CEO (Right)

One of the highlights of the Conclave was the recognition of deserving employees who embody our core values and consistently demonstrate excellence in their roles. Celebrating their achievements was a moment of pride for the entire organization and a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and recognizing merit.

However, the Conclave wasn’t all serious business. The day ended on a high note with a surprise flash mob led by some of our enthusiastic employees and even our CEO joining in! It was a heartwarming moment that underscored the importance of team spirit and unity. Seeing everyone dancing and laughing together reinforced our sense of belonging and camaraderie.

As we wrapped up the Conclave, the energy in the room was palpable. Energized and united, we’re more than ready to tackle the challenges ahead and seize the myriad of opportunities that lie before us. The ‘Lakshya’ Annual Conclave Meeting wasn’t just an event; it was a reaffirmation of our collective vision and determination to succeed, together.

In the end, it’s not just about achieving our goals; it’s about the journey we take together as a team. And with each Conclave, we’re reminded that our journey is as enriching as our destination. Here’s to many more Conclaves, many more milestones, and many more moments of unity and inspiration.

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