RV Lounge: Industry Leaders Business Talk Show by RV Solutions

RV Lounge-Business Talk with Industry Experts: RV Lounge is an Industry Leaders Business Talk Podcast where the host Vandana Seth (CEO, RV Solution) talks about the business and beyond with Industry Experts. In the show, guest do share about their career experiences and a little about their personal life.


In the inaugural episode of RV Lounge, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and seasoned professional, Shammi Moza, has been featured who has over two decades of industry experience in Reverse Logistics, Customer Experience, Outsourcing, and D2C & B2B businesses.

Following the success of RV Lounge’s first episode, Episode 2 featured a very special guest and industry veteran, Mr. Sudipto Ghosh who currently serving as Sr. Advisor – Asia Pacific Service at Lenovo Group. Be sure to watch this episode for invaluable business insights that will revolutionize your business perspective and reshape your approach to conducting business in the modern age.


Episode-1: https://bit.ly/rvlounge01

Episode-2: https://bit.ly/rvlounge02

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/4oKZ6kvilOeVr1zEOHcDUD