Outsourcing After Sales Services Is the Right Engagement Model in Today’s World

Outsourcing-imageOutsourcing has been relevant since the 1990s wherein companies in the West had been keenly looking towards India for outsourcing their process to the English speaking majority urban young population who were looking to make an impact and earn their first pay checks by answering queries of customers from across the seven seas.

With the advent of Mobile Telephony and the free falling tariff rates somewhere during the late 2000s saw an upsurge in the import of mobile brands into the country especially from China. Early movers from china started setting up their distribution network and quickly realised that it made sense to outsource their service network as they did not have enough inputs on the region and setting up a team within a short period in a big country like India had its inherent challenges.

Economics of business is leading Brand owners to find ways to reduce costs, improve productivity, scale faster, elevate quality, and create new, improved services. This can only lead to an edge against the competitor.

Software Development industry paved the way early and were the earliest enablers of outsourcing. It helped create proper streamlined business processes more efficiently and provided a focused strategy to build a competitive advantage in the technological race by choosing an outsourcing firm that has a high-quality project management system and a tried-and-tested process for developing applications.

Professional customer service is of utmost importance to build up a satisfied customer base for a long run. A satisfied customer only become ambassadors of the brands. With a big country like India with diverse culture, it becomes all the more relevant to pick up a partner that has presence and experience to manage the diversity. An established partner can at one click provide the scale, the experience, the quality at one click thus letting a brand focus on more important aspects of research and product development, production, marketing and sales of the product rather than worry about the after sales aspects.

Primarily Reasons to outsource


image_2020_06_12T02_37_01_985ZProductivity: Firms concentrate on core business activities, thus increasing the production. In addition, it helps higher management spend more time on developing business-related strategies rather than managing irrelevant details.

dollarLowering Costs: One of the key prime drivers for adoption is to gain Cost Leadership achieved through the lowered Labour costs and cheaper infrastructure.

userAccess to skills that are unavailable locally: Resources that are scarce within the organisation can sometimes be found in abundance elsewhere, meaning you can easily reach them through outsourcing.

dollar-userBetter use of internal resources: By delegating some of your business processes to specialist third party repair enterprise such as RV Solutions, you’ll give your in-house employees the opportunity to focus on more meaningful tasks such as developing a robust distribution network which will ensure that the stock moves everywhere and is placed everywhere.

graphSpeed in Scaling business processes: When you stop wasting time on mundane, time-consuming processes, you’ll be able to move forward with your core offering (Mobility Products Sales and Product Improvements for Customers) a lot faster.

basketOperational Excellence: It takes time, money and sustained effort to build process capabilities in-house, and no organization can perform them all masterfully. An Outsource partner specialized in these activities typically undertakes to deliver agreed-upon results.

acceptFinancial Efficiency: The outsourcing of process capabilities improves the financial efficiency of an organization by increasing the return on its capital employed. An Outsource Partner provides the opportunity to add process capabilities without adding capital or employee overheads.

speak-iconBranding and Customer Relationships: The Outsource Partner helps an organization extend its own brand customer relationship capabilities.

user-callOrganization Responsiveness: Speed became the very currency of innovation in the growth era of the business cycle. It remains as critical for the company to be able to respond quickly when it cannot predict outcomes. Out sourced Partner could add flexibility, adaptability and ability to scale.


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