Message From CEO Desk – RV 15th Foundation Day

RV-CEO-Vandana-Seth-1Dear RV’ians,

Congratulations to each one of you for another year as we celebrate 15 years of existence.

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Those are my exact emotions on each foundation day. From a one room office to multiple offices pan India, from 2 people to more than 800 people, from an idea to multiple business domains and more ideas, from dream to higher dreams….it has been so fulfilling.

If you ask, could we have done more and better, the answer is, “Definitely”. But let’s keep this conversation for some other day as today is a day to rejoice of the life well lived and celebrate both, the highs and the lows.

We pick up a theme each year. Last year, it was “Sampark” where we connected back with the team, vendors, and clients physically after 2 years of break because of Covid.I feel so loved in regional meets. Many of you also reached out to me one on one and we had some interesting conversations.

This year, we want to start aligning with big things happening in the industry and all around us. At organization level, we are aligning with that and setting goals. It is crazily exciting. I would urge everyone to be part of this beautiful, exciting journey. So, each one of you should pick up a goal for yourself, which could be personal or professional, and focus on achieving it. Let us choose our “Lakshay” wisely so that it helps us grow.

I would like to hear more from you so you would see me calling you / coming to your desk for a quick chat. I would want to hear about your experiences and the “Lakshay” you have chosen for yourself.

Let’s rock on..

With lots of love from,

Vandana Seth, CEO