Celebrating 10 years of success & inspiring the future

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple

And perseverance is what has finally enabled RV to celebrate a big milestone of 10 years. The 10th Foundation Day at RV Solutions Private Limited was celebrated on 16th May with enthusiasm, fun and frolic. The energy and passion of the teams was visible in the performances that they put up. Our CEO Ms. Vandana Seth, along with the entire management team graced the occasion and took part in the celebrations.

lamp_lighting On the Occasion of Lighting the Lamp, Vandana mentioned that “Individual excellence, we find many a times. But that excellence to be converted and combined into collective excellence is not easy. The secret of successful corporation management is to build up this team work. I am happy that the Teams at RV Solutions, from the very beginning, has built up this team work and this team spirit is the root of the success at RV Solutions,”

As a part of the foundation function the Management Team at RV Solutions decided to visit a children’s home and do its bit for the destitute children staying there.Our-Responsiblity It was a very good interaction with all the children there and the team spent some good time trying to understand the various challenges and have promised to help the home both monetarily and with clothes and stationary items which the kids could use in their daily activities. Vandana said that Our vision is to create opportunities and empower communities to transform lives through our CSR activities. We are thrilled to support these children, giving them a better life would help these kids fulfil their dreams and contribute back to the society”

celebrationThe evening started with inspirational speeches from the company CEO and the management team. In her speech, Ms. Vandana spoke about the excellent client satisfaction rate RV Solutions has maintained since inception by following principles of mutual collaboration, team work and innovative thinking. Next in queue were sizzling dance performances from different artists that set the stage on fire. The entire team danced and hooted in sheer excitement to the tune of various dance tracks and songs. The AD MAD show that had drawn the audience in splits with RV team fixing up the telecom network at “Yama’s” area. Stand up, or guitar or songs.. there was a huge line up to perform. The event drew to its close with the customary cake cutting event, it was an incredibly awesome experience for everyone being a part of the grand event. The quality time spent with colleagues during this Foundation Day celebration will be talked about for some time to come.