Be the change you want to see…One Step at a Time

Plastics currently play a massive role in our daily lives. Due to the fact that most plastics are not biodegradable, an enormous sum of plastic waste continues to build up worldwide. Our increasing dependence on petroleum products creates a vicious cycle of waste creation, and environmental degradation.


Single-use plastic clogs up our major drains, messes our streets & roads, rivers and water-bodies, murders creatures, and is gradually working its way directly into the very air we inhale, the sustenance we eat, and the land we live on! We will all be seriously compromised, if we don’t make a move today. We must find a way to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by initially using less, or finding more efficient ways of recycling and reusing plastic products

“We are committed to eliminate all single-use plastic by 2022,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi on World Environment Day on June 5. And that is a tall order and as citizens, it’s our responsibility to visualise this goal and help to reach it with everyday actions.

As a part of our responsibility to our nature, we pledged to work on 4Rs and declare War on Waste, #WaronWaste on the republic day, 26 January 2019. Keeping to our promise, RV eco Warriors got together and sought to free the park close to the Head office, from plastic waste. The group additionally promised to follow and also to teach others on the importance of the ‘4R’s that is Reduce, Refuse, Reuse and Recycle plastic.
With Prime Minister Narendra Modi having announced a target to cut down use of single use plastic by 2020, the entire government machinery is set to swing into action to make it happen.

We believe that its time now to come together and make a difference and to bring about the change one must be the change to come together and contribute towards nation building by eliminating waste.