Mobile applications are to be designed differently than the regular websites because a visitor browsing a website through mobile phone has limitations like time, space, speed, limitation in screen size. All the above factors are to be taken into account for development of custom mobile applications for your businesses.

Our Custom Mobile Application Development is very efficient which enables Corporate and businesses to develop user friendly, powered and wireless business applications keeping pace with the increasing mobile market changes and attain high levels of business growth with exact balance of quality, speed and cost. With our experienced team, it is very easy to come up with elegant, simple, secure, user friendly interfaces adhering to strict Industry standards.

Following are the applications that touch our Mobile Services:

  • Internet Application
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Games
  • Fun Application
  • Multimedia Application
  • Office/Business application
  • Utility application etc.

We have expertise in mobile application development and are well versed with all the major mobile application development platforms; we have ability to deliver mobile web applications as per your needs, in spite of the complexity involved.

Android Application Development:

Our Android programming has successfully accomplished varied level of projects. While working over these we have mastered all the different traits of Android app development to improvise our further work on client Android projects.

Now a days, Android has obtained a tremendous reputation and is continuously increasing its market at an incredible rate. Attaining advantages of open source, free, and fully developed technologies supported by Software giant Google, Android app development has created waves in recent times with a highly specialized user interface in the mobile globe.

We provide customized android applications that are part of its mobility solution offering to Small & Medium businesses. We provide full-fledged solutions that comprises device procurement, design & development, configuration, installation & deployment. We also provide services of maintenance to support systems and ensure process efficiency as per your needs.

Our Android application development is highly successful as it is well conversant with the Android Software Development Package and all the procedures and technologies expected to develop excellent and rich quality Android apps. With a complete control on this modern platform, we are now experienced with the newest technology versions of the Android loved family, i.e. Android 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and Android 6.0 and are well-prepared to take on its approaching upgrade.

We expertise & recommend Android based solutions for following reasons:

  • Open Source
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy deployment on a range of devices

Our Android developers keep themselves updated with the latest releases and versions.

iPhone Application Development:

The efforts required in development of iPhone software or any iPhone applications are quite similar to that of developing any Mac OS X application. For the same, programmer applies same tools and uses some common frameworks. But despite of similarities there are many differences in iPhone applications development that must be taken into account while developing an iPhone mobile application.

With availability of numerous web applications that are accessible for iPhone on the Internet it’s obvious that applications development for iPhone is practical for the implementation of applications that are consumer and business based.

An iPhone application needs totally different approach for development as it lacks some computer features. Our highly skilled team of developers is expert in providing you benefits of the strong points of iPhone OS. During iPhone applications development projects, they tactfully avoid those features that are not fit for the environment of a mobile. The limited size of iPhone screens also calls for the need to consider the application interface carefully, to make it more user-friendly.

We provide our clients high quality services related to development of iPhone applications. We professionally work on iPhone Apps Development and designing and implementation of software that perfectly works on the device, and we make sure that your web site is perfectly accessible via iPhone. We can also modify your present applications to make them iPhone compatible.

iPhone is widely used phone in the world today and is high-tech based for any application you can imagine as it supports many file types and allows programmers apply cutting edge technologies to develop a complex software as per your needs.

We have a professional team specializing in development of iPhone application, and we work steadily. We provide numerous services from its evaluation to iPhone software full development projects. While working with various clients our company has gathered high tech skills and OS X programming background along with the use of frameworks that is crucial for development of iPhone software and the creation of best applications for iPhone. We have successfully performed projects and with our fully satisfied clients we can guarantee that you will appreciate our quality work.

We have streamlined our expert iPhone app developers to deliver you with innovative and resourceful applications.

Our iPhone Application Development Includes:

  • iPhone Web Service Integration
  • iPhone Software Development
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • iPhone Games Development
  • iPhone App Development
  • Travelling, Weather and Navigation iPhone Application Development
  • iPhone Theme, Mock, Icon Designing
  • iPhone Porting Solution (J2ME, BlackBerry, Symbian, BREW and Windows)
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone M-commerce Solution Development
  • iPhone Social Networking Application Development
  • iPhone Fun Application Development
  • iPhone SDK Development
  • Business and Sales Application Development
  • JSON iPhone Development
  • iPhone Testing