Business Process Automation (BPA), is the approach we use to automate processes in order to contain costs. It comprises of many processes like integrating applications, using software applications and restructuring labour resources.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is designed in such a way so that efficiency can be maintained and also used to increase the operational productivity and stability of an underutilized workforce by integrating critical business software applications. BPA analyses critical and non-critical processes and their relations along with dependency on other business processes, in addition to sourcing or developing automated software and computing processes.

Business Process Automation works on three fundamental principles:

  • Orchestration: It allows organizations to build system which provide centralized management of its enterprise architecture of computing.
  • Integration: It amalgamates business functions by ensuring that BPA system should spread all across the boundaries of an organization.
  • Automated execution: It reduces multiple tasks and minimizes human interventions.

We, at RVS have successfully implemented various Custom based Business Process Automation applications for various clients. It intends to move from traditional process to paperless office, where various internal operations of the client are studied, and corresponding automation solutions are been provided. The application defines the user level rights, organization structure, and processes.