We Move Towards Digital World, new opportunities Emerges,too challenges for telecom Operators.
Consumers are becoming increasingly connected.

Operators are focusing on finding and retaining the digital consumers while driving growth and cost saving. Besides, Telecom Industry is becoming Highly competitive so, They Need Trusted Business Partner Who can Drive on end 2 end customize .net management solutions.

RVS takes Responsibility for the efficiency and Quality work of your network and our services allows you to focus on new business offering and expansion of your consumer base. Our Competitive business policy and ability with Proactive maintenance will help you and enhance your customer’s experience by ensuring availability of network Quality of your service.

Our Offering MS Services:

To Support Our Telecom Operator we offering following services:

System Integration Services:

  • Migration and Upgradation services
  • Remote Integration
  • Multi-vendor Management
  • Integration Services

O & M Network Services:

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Configurations Management services
  • Change request Services
Network Design And Planning Services:
  • Network Roll Out Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Technical Project Support
  • Network Deployment
  • Site Documentations Services
  • Site Implementation services
  • Management Services

Design And Engineering Services:

  • Project Management services
  • Quality Management services
  • Network Optimizations
  • Installation & Integration
  • Validation & Testing

Other Services:

  • Consultancy services