Infrastructure Rollout

Site Survey:

We are quite proficient in planning and executing Site Survey across the country. We have a dedicate team that takes care of this function.

Passive Networking and Electrical Infra Roll Out:

We have the necessary skill sets to provide Infra Roll-Out related to Passive Networking and electrical requirements.

Wi-Fi Roll Out:

We have the necessary technical requirements and process in place to execute a perfect Wi-Fi Solution based on the topology of the area.

Network Roll Out:

We have conducted several Network Roll-Outs across India for various Projects. To know more please write to us and we would be happy to assist you with any specific request that you might have.

IT Peripherals Roll Out:

Any IT peripheral either a Mouse or a keyboard or Desktop Computers that need to be changed across India for any PSU or big multinational is just a hassle free step away. Kindly email us your specific request and we would be more than happy to add value.

Smart City Roll out:

We are the enablers for a smarter and faster equipped tomorrow. We would be more than happy to partner with OEMS for changing the digital landscape of the city. Want to know how? Send us an Email Now!!

Training Roll out:

Any New Implementation requires training and especially if the training has to be held across the nation then it implies that special care has to be taken. We have the team that can help implement training Pan India.