Export Inspection Council of India Started E-Recruitment Services

Export Inspection Council has been started E-recruitment for the candidates, where candidate can apply directly to save time and money. Through this application candidate can apply for defined vacancy online and can also pay fee online. Administrator can view the submitted applications. They can also change the status of the application and assign interview date to selected applicants.

Feature of the E-Recruitment application provided by RV Solutions:

  • Define post master
  • Applicant apply for this defined vacancy online
  • When applicant fill the form system will automatically calculate the fee as per the details
  • Options to pay fee online is provided in the form so while filling the application applicant pay fee online
  • Admin can view and edit the submitted applications
  • From shortlisted applications administrator can change the status of the form
  • When application status will selected for interview, administrator can set interview data and time for selected interview
  • Administrator can define and assign new role
  • Administrator can view all the reports
  • Admin can also view the payment details

About the client:

The Export Inspection Council (EIC) was set up by the Government of India under Section 3 of the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963 (22 of 1963), in order to ensure sound development of export trade of India through Quality Control and Inspection and for matters connected thereof.
Besides its advisory role, the Export Inspection Council, also exercises technical and administrative control over the five Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs), one each at Channai, Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata and Mumbai established by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, under Section 7 of the Act for the purpose of implementing the various measures and policies formulated by the Export Inspection Council of India.
Export Inspection Council, either directly or through Export Inspection Agencies, its field organisation renders services in the areas of:
Certification of quality of export commodities through installation of quality assurance systems (In-process Quality Control and Self Certification) in the exporting units as well as consignment wise inspection. 
Certification of quality of food items for export through installation of Food safety Management System in the food processing units. 
Issue of Certificates of origin to exporters under various preferential tariff schemes for export products.
Please visit: http://www.eicindia.gov.in

About RV Solutions:

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