End to End Solutions

Our work is driven by a strong scientific understanding of telecom and Communication domain.

RV Solutions offers End to end Solution for telecom Operators, its begins with detailed consultations focused on determining the most cost-effective and future-proof solutions, program delivery may include all elements, from materials to logistics, inventory, sales & supply, Design, civil works, certified electricity installations, BTS & MW installation commissioning and maintenance, Repair & Testing,. RV Solutions handles the overall project management and steering-group support required for the customer.

Our Major Projects in End to End:

  1. Support Rod Installation
  2. Services include: Supply +Installation

  3. High RSL Improvement for Bharti
  4. Services include: Repair Of Mw Antenna +Supply Of Accessories +Re-Alignment

  5. BTS Indoor to Outdoor Conversion for NSN-TTSL
  6. Services Include: Sales OF BTS PAD +Sales of Accessories +Installation& Commissioning

IP 55 Cabinet Conversion & Modification as per customer.