Now a days we can see mobile tower around us in large number installed on the buildings, due to this coverage network of towers are created around us, these installed tower are highly radiating the Electromagnetic field (EMF).

This EMF some range is very harmful for our human body.

For controlling this emf TRAI (Telecom regularity Authority of India) have some documented set of rules on the basis of companies which have to installed the mobile tower, and the transmission from the mobile tower should have a particular range of EIRP.

EIRP (Effective Isotropic radiated power) check is Government responsibility, For this government asked from Telecom Operators to provide the EMF survey report to the TRAI.

This survey Perform by the Telecom Operator to provide emf report to TRAI.

Need of Survey:

Survey is performed to check the body harmful effect cause the high emf radiations from the Mobile tower.

EMF Survey Tool kit:

  • GPS
  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera
  • Measuring Tape
  • Binacoular
  • Writing Material
  • EMF Tester

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