E Gov. Services

Manpower Supply and Management

RV Solutions is one of the leading service providers in skilled Manpower Supply to our clients according to their need and scope of work. We provide manpower with substantial expertise in PHP, .NET, Magento, Java and Data entry operator which technically sound and has expertise in accomplishing the required work. Clients can avail our service for skilled or semi-skilled manpower as per their requirement of work.

Digital Repository D-Space

 RV Solutions provides DSpace service. We offer efficient operation of DSpace, continuous maintenance and development according to requirement. DSpace is the software most often used worldwide to set up and run digital repositories. DSpace is a flexible application for safeguarding and scholarly publishing digital items. Additionally to providing structured storage and access for books, articles etc, Institutional repositories are more and more used for research data and for enabling Open Access.

HRMS Cadre Management

RV Solutions HRMS Cadre Management System is an efficient system for the submission storage and retrieval of officer’s personal information and officers on regular/exempted posts and/or deputation, thus giving a complete view of the profile. It helps the administration in the implementation of the Transfer and Posting policy. Reports like Vacancy report, Disposition report and Due List give a quick view of current postings and corresponding calculation based on the policy.

APAR Management

RV Solutions help any department which has to maintain the APAR documentation in storing all the data currently being manually maintained regarding APARs, tracking the APARs, maintaining their status and in generating the reports. The application thus not only reduces both the cost and effort in retaining the present process, but also improves efficiency by providing extra features and minimizing manual errors.

Enterprise Content Management

RV Solutions Enterprise Content Management technology help you to manage content & documents of an organization. ECM helps designated person to collect and make organization’s information systematic.

Key Features:

  • Standard templates
  • Browser based creation and modification
  • Web based creation and modification
  • Multiple languages support
  • Facilities for website administration
  • Manages the media items
  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  • Extensive “Meta Data” support

File management

RV provides File Management System is an application to view and track the movement of any file right from its generation. All the physical movement of the file from one user to another will be captured through this system. It keeps a track of Receipts/Letters also. Using this system user can keep a track of all files & can take permitted actions on that file e.g. Open File, Close File and much more.

Document Management

RV Solutions document management working with organisations across all sectors to improve efficiency and make significant cost savings, RVS has created a range of Electronic Document Management (EDM) and document imaging software solutions specially for Government Organizations, Public Sector units, Defence Industries, Banking, Insurance and Corporate sectors.

Our solutions ensure an efficient means of capturing, creating, storing, authorising, delivering and managing key business documents.

Scheme Automation

RV System automation for multiplatform which allow to access of critical applications and process on real time basis. With the help of RV Solutions Schedule Automation an organisation can convert their whole working process automatically, and the specific person can get notification to take further action. Schedule Automation save the time as well as increase their productivity.

  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Decrease planned downtime
  • Provide Flexibility
  • Simplify configuration and operations
  • Provide reliability and operations
  • Provide reliability and scalability

Government Process Re-engineering

RV Solutions helps government organization to make their process simplify by using Information Technology. RV Solutions Government process Re-engineering make delivery of government services effective across government domain.

Asset Management

RV Solutions Asset Management helps to track the contractual, financial and inventory details of hardware & Software throughout their lifecycle. Asset Management helps to handled workflows for approvals, validation, issuing etc. Asset Management records all maintenance activities and help IT in regular Audit.

  • User creation based on the rights in the system
  • Holding names of all the assets of the users
  • Management of all the details relating to asset (like valuation, date of acquisition, sizes etc)
  • Approval / Rejection by approving authority
  • Repair and management details of the assets
  • Report generation as per requirement

Reservation Management

RV Reservation application to determine the reservation of posts in a cadre for different categories with reference to the applicable percentage of reservation. The application draws the Reservation Roster(s) by marking each post for one or the other category and also helps to determine the category by which the post, which has fallen vacant, is to be filled up.

Following are the salient features of Reservation Roster:

  • Roster Creation
  • Roster Operation
  • Roster Implementation
  • Report Generation