Dak Management

Organizations acquire piles of documents, images and all the other information electronically. The location of this information is a time taking task. Users used to file papers and save their documents in folders on their own computers.

Our DAK Management System comprises of the following modules:

  • Dak (mails) / File Movement details
  • Central Diary Management Module
  • Circulars Management
  • Movement of inward / outward of all Files / Dak (mails).
  • Internal and External Diary Management Module
  • Keyword & Barcode Search
  • Diary receiving and Dispatch Management
  • Generation of various reports.

The system has ability to handle all Incoming and Outgoing correspondences and also has in-built suitable security measures and configurable access control. It also track the inward / outward movement of the letters, files, documents and circulars etc. within the various departments and units and also to external parties associated with lab. This application is able to provide instant tracking of any letter which may be incoming or outgoing, on the basis of various parameters like subject, date, section, file number etc. with generating a unique reference number.

This solution monitor the movement of all incoming and outgoing DAK (mails) or documents in every step from the point of receipt to point of disposal:

  • To assign responsibility of each and every documents / DAK (mails) to concerned agency / personnel / organization in a desired task mail route
  • To Prioritize incoming documents or DAK (mails) and to ensure that they are disposed off within a predefined time limit
  • To quantify the job and to monitor the number of documents / DAK (mails) disposed off by the concerned agency


  • Tracking and tracing incoming and outgoing DAK
  • Quick and easy access to the information.
  • Ensuring the integration of content by secured authorized access to the relevant information.
  • Make quicker and better decisions to improve efficiency
  • Fast and effective collaboration across the departments.
  • Easy and faster generation of various reports